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"A Power Hour with Anna is like a 6-Week Programme with most other people. She's insightful, highly-experienced, genuine & gets to the nub of the matter incredibly fast." - Nicola Pitt

Weave Irresistible Stories into Your Sales Copy

Let's face it, we all wish copywriting could feel effortless. Like gliding down virgin snow on a pair of freshly-waxed skis.

But here's the truth. Crafting wallet-grabber copy is enough to give even A-List Copywriters a serious case of brain-ache.

Which is why they almost NEVER write alone.

Take me, for instance. Whenever I have a copy wobble, I'm straight on the phone to my most trusted mentor. He lives by this slogan:

"Nobody writes alone."

Which is precisely what my 1:1 Copy Power Hours are all about.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. You need an expert's eyes on your copy, to boost your confidence before you hit 'send'.

Join me on Zoom, for a 60-minute turbo-review of your chosen piece of sales copy.

During our call I'll:

  • Give you practical strategies to help you uncover the core emotions that drive your prospects to buy
  • Talk through your copy blocks, so you have the confidence to start typing, without over-thinking the end result
  • Offer constructive guidance to improve the strength of your copy, so you can connect with your buyers and increase your sales

What's included?

  • 60 minute 1:1 private Zoom call
  • A recording of our call so there's no need to spend our time together frantically scribbling notes

It's time to stop leaving your sales copy to guesswork and chance.

"Just a tad excited...people are FINALLY engaging with my posts and emails. Thank you, Anna!" - Helen Walker

"Thanks to AMAZING perseverance and feedback from Anna, I now have a repeatable structure for my weekly newsletters and one ready to go. This is something I've really struggled with, until NOW!" - Debbie Riley

"I just wanted to say ‘oh my god YOU ARE A GENIUS’. I decided to be brave and use your advice. I never normally swear but I can’t bloody believe it. People are replying straight away!!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement. It has absolutely made my day to see it working. I would never, ever have tried this without you telling me about it and convincing me it was a good idea. AND I just got my FIRST SALE! Thank you so much for all your help, Anna!" - Fay Wallis

Gain confidence to FINALLY hit 'publish' on your copy in 60 Power-Packed Minutes

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