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Hi, I'm Anna - Former Finance Nerd, turned Email Copywriter

When I first realised the power of story-driven emails I knew I had to get in on the action.

But I had no idea WHICH stories to share with my audience to drive sales and strengthen my relationships.

All the storytelling advice I could find felt fluffier than a sheep with a blow-dry.

I wanted a fool-proof, repeatable process I could go back to every time I wrote an email.

Coming from the finance world, I spent most of my career up to my neck in spreadsheets. My brain short circuits without a solid framework to direct my creativity.

Which is why I developed the StoryMatic System, which you'll find inside this 20-Page E-Book.

It's a step-by-step system designed to help you dig deep into your ideal clients' deepest fears and core desires, and turn those insights into engaging stories that boost sales AND enhance your brand.

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  • Follow the exact process I use to write story-driven emails, so I NEVER run out of compelling stories to share. 
  • Build a unique email story framework for instant story inspiration whenever you want to write to your list.
  • Tell stories that turn your casual subscribers into OBSESSED BUYERS.

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