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6 Simple Steps to a Unique Origin Story That Converts Like Crazy

Follow the "Rawthority Method" that helps you uncover a unique Origin Story you can share practically ANYWHERE to convert lukewarm leads into OBSESSED buyers

I Want to Find My Story!

"Woohoo! I've been working on my Origin Story for over 7 months. It was excruciating. But I've FINALLY told my Origin Story on my About Me page, thanks to the Rawthority Method" - Vanessa Villalobos

"I’ve always thought of myself as not very good at writing but using this approach I actually had a lot of fun! And it felt way more authentic than any style of ‘self help’ email I’ve tried to write before" - Debbie Riley

How many times have you opened up your laptop to tell your story - but before you've written a single word - you've slammed down the lid in sheer frustration?

You're not alone

My clients often tell me they've been wrestling with their Origin Story for months (or even years). They know that storytelling is one of the best ways to build lasting relationships and deep connections with their audience.

But when it comes to getting it down on email, social media, or even their About Me page...they have NO IDEA where to start.

...They worry that nobody actually cares about their Origin Story

...They fear that their story sounds just like everyone else's and leaves their prospects feeling 'meh'

...And they don't know how to write their story so it grabs attention for all the right reasons

So they give up on their Origin Story and go back to marketing the only way they know how. Which is why most of the marketing you see is made up of obnoxious promos we spend our lives trying to BLOCK.

But here's the doesn't have to be that way.

I know because I've been there too.

Hi, I'm Anna - Story Strategist and Story-Driven Copywriter

When I started out in business I spent the first 3 years wandering aimlessly around the online wilderness.

I struggled to get anyone to listen to me, let alone CARE enough to pay me.

Until I noticed something fascinating about the entrepreneurs who were CRUSHING IT online...

They all had an EPIC Origin Story

But this wasn't just ANY story. It was a carefully-crafted story that helped them...

  • Connect with their audience on a whole different level
  • Build relationships so deep that they were irresistible to their audience
  • Charge premium prices that their buyers couldn't wait to pay

In the months that followed I obsessively picked their stories apart.

UNTIL I found a method that I now use every day to help online entrepreneurs find the golden thread that binds their unique experiences to their dream clients' deepest desires.

I call it the Rawthority Method

And it's what I want to share with you in this FREE E-book with interactive online worksheet. Inside the E-book you'll discover:

  • The 5 must-have elements of an attention-grabbing story that converts like crazy
  • The 6 most profitable places to tell your stories 
  • How to use this method to extract your irresistible origin story for maximum impact
  • The Rawthority Framework that transforms your marketing from drab to drool-worthy

It's the exact method I use to craft binge-worthy Origin Stories for my copywriting clients. It's the method I also used to uncover my own Origin Story.

The best thing is, once you've nailed YOUR Origin Story, you can re-tell it over and over almost anywhere...from email marketing to organic social media. From sales pages to Facebook Ads. From press articles to your About Me page.

By following the Rawthority Method you can be "Story Ready" in any situation, without tearing out your hair, trying to find a story your audience might care about.

"I just wanted to say ‘oh my god YOU ARE A GENIUS’" - Fay Wallis

"I have to say, I've never felt more motivated. I feel like I've been going round in circles for 2 years and now I'm going forward and making REAL progress" - Helen Walker

If you're ready to learn the secret to uncovering and crafting a unique Origin Story that converts like crazy, click the button below to grab your copy of the Rawthority Playbook today.